Beautifully located on the campus of the Institute of Construction Science and Technology, is a newly inaugurated building with unique architectural design and application of construction materials. This "Model house - assembled wooden structure" project is the result of construction and research by the Institute of Construction Science and Technology (IBST) and Life Design Kabaya Company. Wood is processed and supplied from Japan by Kanematsu Sustech Company - a subsidiary of Kanematsu Corporation.

Kanematsu Sustech is one of the leading companies in Japan specializing in providing wood and wood processing technology that can be applied in both large projects and small-scale residential projects. A series of Japanese national projects has applied Kanematsu wood such as: Japan National Olympic Stadium, Takanawa Gateway Station, ARIAKE fitness center.

Kanematsu Vietnam is accompanying in the process of bringing these wooden products into the Vietnam market. On November 10th 2023, accompanying with Kanematsu Sustech, Kanematsu Vietnam had the opportunity to visit this special project, on the occasion of the International Scientific Conference celebrating the 60th anniversary of IBST’s establishment with the theme "Science and technology build towards sustainable development”.

(from left to right)

Mr. Kotaro Suzuki – Kanematsu Vietnam

Mr. Daisuke Tezuka – Kanematsu Sustech

Mr. Toshikazu Sato – Kanematsu Sustech

(Model house - assembled wooden structure)

(“Science and technology build towards sustainable development” Conference)

With a scale of 2 floors and an area of about 195m2, the project stands out beautifully on the campus among the surrounding rows of reinforced concrete houses. All details and structures are manufactured and installed with high precision and undergo strict load-bearing capacity and fire safety assessment processes.

Wooden structures are not only light, highly aesthetic, and safe, but also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Therefore, those wooden structure buildings are expected to have high applicability in the future, become a trend in the application of green materials in construction for a future of sustainable development.


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