Feed and Grain

Feed and Grain

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Forage & Dairy

In additional to stable supply of high-quality products, we are boosting the development of affiliated plants overseas.Through investment, Kanematsu Corporation could be a maker to make safe feed for safe food. We have global network which enable us to study the local needs and response to the demand with safe feedstuffs from our worldwide “safe-feed-network”.


Kanematsu Vietnam imports and supplies products from reliable partners all over the world, which makes it possible for us to provide high quality products and services to valued customers over the years.With the experiences and history, we would like to offer you relief and satisfaction.


With above advantages, Kanematsu Vietnam would expect to become a contributing factor to development of Vietnam's livestock industry.


Main handling products


Alfalfa/Timothy hay, Alfalfa/Timothy pellets, Beet pulp pellets, Cottonseeds, ...

Organic products for feeding

Alfalfa hay, Maize, Soybean meal, Barley, Wheat, ...

Dairy products for feeding

Main origin

US, Canada, Australia, India, Italia, France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Chile, Egypt, ...


Free from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, Foot-and-Mouth Disease.




As a leading feed ingredient supplier with over 30 years of experience, we have known our sourcing worldwide, from the most well-known to the most specific. We can fulfill all requirements for feed ingredients, especially fishmeal and fish oil. For many years, we have supplied our customers with all grade of fishmeal (from high, medium, to low protein) and fish oil (from crude to refined) from many countries in the world.


Knowing that the quality of fishmeal, fish oil depends on raw materials and processing methods, we always control the quality of raw materials as well as the production process of the factory to ensure the quality of goods. With the aim of bringing the best satisfaction to customers, we conduct periodic manufacturer monitoring to ensure that the quality of fishmeal, fish oil always match international standards and the special requirements of customers.



Other feed materials

As an one of industry pioneers, we have built an integrated business in Vietnam, from the import of raw materials, feed ingredients to export to S.E.A. countries like Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.


In addition to fishmeal and fish oil, we are handling fish soluble, wheat bran, DDGS, ... from many sources like USA, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Argentine, Sri Lanka, India etc, ... ensure our stable and competitive supply.

Main origin
Peru, Chile, Mexico, Norway, Ecuador, Japan, Indian, Oman, South Africa, S.E Asia….



We supply high-quality rice from different origins under the strict control from raw material to final product.

Conventional rice

Conventional rice

Japonica, Jasmine, KDM, Nang Hoa, ST25, ST24, ST21, DT8, OM5451, Glutinous, White Rice, 100% Broken rice,…

Healthy rice

Healthy rice

Brown, Red, Black rice and blended formula healthy rice.

Organic rice

Organic rice

Japonica, Jasmine, Black, Red and Brown rice, and blended formula organic rice.

Rinse free rice

Unique Rinse free Japonica rice

Multibal Packaging styles

Normal pack
PP bag, PP laminated bag (BOPP), PA/PE bag,
High Quality pack
Vacuum bag from 250 grs to 8kgs.
Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, USA,...
Export market
Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Philippines, Australia, EU, Pacific Island,...

Other grains

Millet (Mochikibi/Mochiawa)

Cultivation in the Northern of Vietnam. Export to Japan.


Import products from Finland, Australia, Chile.


Wheat flour

Import products from Japan.

Wheat flour

Broad beans

Import products from Australia.

Broad beans

Non-GMO soybean

Import product from US/Canada. We have factory in Ohio in US, Kanematsu is the biggest handler for Japan market.

Non-GMO soybean

Woodchips, Wood pellet, Probiotics, …

Export woodchips for furniture manufacturing, wood pellet for biomas.

Import healthy products from Japan such as probiotics for human, as the highvalue- added and differentiated products we have developed that meet customers' needs.


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