Continually evolve with our values to ensure that we satisfy our customers to a high level and earn social significance.

We maintain high corporate ethics and conduct business activities transparently and fairly based on the group's management philosophy and code of conduct.

Our beliefs

1. We will work with a traditional pioneering spirit and the wisest use of our creative imagination and ingenuity to archive prosperity of our business and promote corporate development.


2. Through the sound flourishing of the company, we will fulfill our responsibility and contribute to society and promote the well-being of our employees.


3. We will act based on the organization and company rules, carry out our business based on the spirit of cooperation while cultivating mutual understanding and respect for fellow members.

Code of conduct

Kanematsu's Code of Conduct is the standards set for Kanematsu's corporate activities under our Corporate Principle.


1. Origin of corporate activities

We become involved in corporate activities to serve our various stakeholders by providing socially valuable goods and services in accordance with the aim of our founder to realize a sustainable society.


2. Fair transactions

Our corporate activities are conducted in compliance with laws and regulations, comply with company regulations, international rules and practices as well as with social common sense.


3. Information management & disclosure

Information is properly managed to protect personal information, customer information and intellectual property, and is disclosed in a timely and proper manner to establish mutual trust between the Kanematsu and the community and maintain a high level of transparency.


4. Respect for human rights

We respect human rights and do not discriminate.

Employee career development and capability development are actively supported.

Diversity, personality and character are respected so as to create a dynamic corporate culture.


5. Consideration of the global environment

We exercise sufficient consideration in our corporate activities to maintain a sound global environment for sustainable growth.


6. Social Contribution Activities

We are aware of the importance of our social responsibility as good corporate citizens, and proactively undertake social contribution activities.

Employee activities to contribute to community development and to comfortable and safe living are supported.


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