KANEMATSU accompanies ATAD in introducing its image and expanding its overseas market



Becoming strategic partners from 2021, ATAD Steel Structure JSC and Kanematsu Corporation are supporting each other and diversifying cooperation fields. With the goal of developing and expanding overseas market, both constantly introduce and promote the company's image in many aspects.

Kanematsu Vietnam along with Mr. Hiroyuki Kurosawa of Japan Daily Metal - a prestigious iron and steel news in Japan, had a visit to ATAD Dong Nai factory in April 2023 and the article introducing ATAD Dong Nai factory was published. Thereby, the capability and position of ATAD in the field of steel structures are introduced more widely to overseas customers and partners.

Kanematsu would like to quote the article as below.

“Report of visit to ATAD Dong Nai plant in Vietnam, invested by Kanematsu Corporation/ Acquired quality certification in Europe and the U.S. and the U.S.; aims to expand the overseas ratio to 50%

ATAD Steel Structure, Vietnam's largest system architecture company and the equity method affiliate of Kanematsu Corporation, is a steel structure manufacturer with a history of nearly 20 years since its founding in 2004.

ATAD, which has two plants in southern Vietnam, aims to advance into the global market by combining their productivity with Kanematsu's global group network.

I visited their state-of-the-art factory in Dong Nai Province that operated in 2017.

Driving to northeast from Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam for about an hour and a half, ATAD's vast Dong Nai plant appears.

The site area is 150,000 square meters and the monthly production capacity of steel structures is 8,500 tons, indicating the capacity suitable for handling huge steel structures such as workshops, yards and warehouses.

Currently, ATAD operates two factories in Long An and Dong Nai province.

The Long An plant has a site area of 60,000 square meters and a monthly production capacity of 3,500 tons of steel structure, which is smaller than the Dong Nai plant, but also supports ATAD’s total solution by building roof panels and parts.

The Dong Nai plant utilizes its scale to consistently produce steel structures from design to manufacturing, including custom-made products. There are two areas for the workshop, the first site is for producing heavy objects such as the Build H structural steel and the second site is for PEB (pre-engineered building). In the first site, ATAD handles fabrication such as fusing, welding and drilling of steel plate all at once.

ATAD has two types of welding process: submerged arc welding (SAW) and fluxed wire arc welding (FCAW) and the processed product is also given a QR code and a dial so that it can be controlled and managed even if the QR code cannot be read.

Blasting treatment also has both automatic and manual processes and painting process is operated in a sealed area.

At the "Welding School" where welding techniques are honed, products with the names of each worker are lined up, and each worker’s skill is "visualized" and fostered.

Certification in Europe and the U.S. also proves the high quality of ATAD as well as its scale. ATAD has acquired quality certification from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), welding certification for pressure vessels from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and EN1090, the European construction material standard, which has led to the development of overseas projects at ATAD. As the COVID-19 has subsided and travels has become easier, they plans to work again on obtaining the H grade of Japan.

Mr. Huynh Ngoc Dong, Chairman and CEO of ATAD, commented, "Overseas markets are becoming increasingly important for the renewable energy projects such as wind power and hydrogen.". Although the record of overseas projects is increasing, the company intends to obtain stable orders with establishing overseas office and other solutions, and aims to achieve a sales ratio of about 50% overseas, including in Japan."

That's where the partnership with Kanematsu comes alive.

Chairman Mr. Dong said, "Kanematsu has a global group network and operates various businesses at a general trading company. We hope that they will support us not only in the supply of materials but also in the export of our products." By combining the scale of our capabilities with our partnerships, ATAD takes on the challenge of new large-scale projects.

                        Source: Hiroyuki Kurosawa (2023), Japan Metal Daily,


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