Sport day – The 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan ( 1973 – 2023 )



On October 15, 2023, The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in HCMC (JCCH) successfully organized Sport Day 2023. The event took place at the Japanese International School (District 7, HCMC). Gathering Japanese businesses came to participate, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.

Kanematsu Vietnam attended as a member of the JCCH Association, also one of the sponsors of a series of activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan.

Within the framework of the program, teams experienced exciting competitions including: tug of war, taifu no me, group rope jumping, throwing the ball into the basket, table tennis, badminton, futsal, and relay running.

The sports tournament took place with excitement. Athletes participated in the competitions with the spirit of exchange and learning, creating a healthy playground that contributed to promoting the spirit of training, improving health as well as building cohesion between business units.


During the competition, the athletes created for the audience many exciting, thrilling and beautiful matches, bringing to the audience different levels of emotions, full of joy.

The Organizing Committee also did not forget to create a playground for children of employees to participate in the game and bring home extremely lovely commemorative medals.


A heartful thank you to the JCCH Organizing Committee for providing all business units the opportunity to meet and interact with each other, strengthening the spirit of solidarity and friendship among members. Thereby tightening the relationship between Vietnam and Japan.

Kanematsu Vietnam will always continue to accompany JCCH for future social activities.


Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00