2024 - is an extremely important year for Kanematsu Vietnam, when it reaches the milestone of its 10 years journey of building and development.

With the motto "VALUE CREATORS", Kanematsu Vietnam has constantly strived to create, bring core values to our Customers and Partners.

During the 10 years journey of transforming from a representative office (established in 1991) to developing into a limited company, Kanematsu Vietnam continuously contributed to promoting Vietnam's economic development. Typically, exporting Vietnam's strong products to the markets of Japan, Australia, EU, Southeast Asia, or strengthening Vietnam - Japan economic relations and relationships such as bringing new technologies and raw materials of Japan into Vietnam as well as investment activities...

With the results achieved, Kanematsu Vietnam is proud to affirm its position as one of the leading Japanese trading corporations operating in Vietnam, contributing to the development of the country and Vietnamese people.

To mark the 10 years journey and especially to express gratitude to the Customers and Partners who have accompanied throughout the past journey, Kanematsu Vietnam would like to send to our Customers and Partners a special gift called "KANEMATSU VIETNAM IMPRINT". These are cookies with special recipes, ingredients from items associated with the achievements and important milestones of Kanematsu Vietnam throughout the past 10 years.

(Cookie "KANEMATSU VIETNAM IMPRINT" with ingredients GOS sugar, rice, fish oil, dried coconut, probiotics, cashew nuts, sesame, coffee, passion fruit juice with impressive flavor)

Each of these ingredients developed throughout the 10 years (2014 – 2024) went into the creation of each cookie:

(The special thing about the project is that all Kanematsu Vietnam employees gathered together to make the first batch of cookie at the factory on December 8, 2023 with all their enthusiasm and gratitude entrusting into each cookie)

Sustainable development and contributing to the development of society are the core values that Kanematsu Group in general and Kanematsu Vietnam in particular aim for. In the next journey, Kanematsu pledges to constantly strive to create new values, new trends, contributing more to the development of the country and people of Vietnam.

Also on this occasion, Kanematsu Vietnam appreciate all the efforts and dedication of all employees who have worked together to build Kanematsu Vietnam stronger day by day.

 After all, Kanematsu Vietnam would like to express our heartful gratitude to the factory executives for offering hands-on experience to all employees and together creating "Kanematsu Vietnam Imprint".

  Kanematsu Vietnam wishes a prosperous year to all of our Valued Customers and Partners!        


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