Kanematsu Company Trip 2023



After busy days working with deadlines and KPIs, on September 16 - 17, 2023 the whole Kanematsu family had a 2 day and 1 night trip to a beautiful island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc, filled with laughter and emotions.

KGV members took photos to check-in at Phu Quoc Airport

More than a trip, this is also a journey of connection and understanding, helping everyone regenerate energy after a period of hard work. With many interesting activities, this trip helped members of the "Kanematsu Family" have relaxing moments together to exploring Phu Quoc.


Took commemorative photos together on the island

Gala dinner is an indispensable part of Kanematsu's Company trips. This year with the theme "Connection", the Gala night created an opportunity for everyone to sit together and look at the wonderful photos and experiences of the trip.

During the party, members also have the opportunity to enjoy sweet voices and fun stage games with many attractive gifts, creating a cozy and meaningful evening.

Gift for the winners on the game

At the end of a memorable 2 days and 1 night journey, representatives of organizers – Ms.Truc and Ms.Hue would like to sincerely thank all members of the Kanematsu family for the enthusiastic participation. Hopefully the 2023 Company Trip will be one of the happiest, loveliest and most wonderful memories that Kanematsu members experience together.

See you on the next trips!


Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00